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Colluseum Rules

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1Colluseum Rules Empty Colluseum Rules on Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:19 pm


1.) All regular forum rules apply, including the rules against spamming and flaming.

2.) You must have an approved character to participate in Battle. If you do not have an approved character yet, go to character approval and make one.

3.) Remember that the purpose of Battle is not to win, but to write something, have fun doing it, and perhaps learn something about writing. Learning of course is not required, but it's never a bad thing. So don't focus intently on who wins and who loses.

4.) Please keep the battles in a certain person. A person means that you are writing either in 1st Person, using "I", "me", etc. acting as if you were your own character in the battle, or that you are using 3rd Person, speaking as if you were an outsider watching the two or more characters battle. In 3rd Person, it is more common to control more then just your own character.

5.) You cannot use another person's character to begin a battle. Use your own character to start the battle, not someone else's, because each character belongs to the person who made it and not you.

6.) Make sure you've read about the other person's character before battling them. If you are to be using their character [in a battle], then you should at least know what they look like, if not more then that.

7.) When you wish to talk about out of character, type "OoC" (meaning "Out of character"). Use "BiC" (Back in character) when you wish to write in character once again.

8.) Try to type at least one or two paragraphs of in-character battle. This is not a chat room, and we'd rather you write few long posts, than many short ones. There can be days, weeks, or even a month+ between replies in battles.

9.) You cannot kill another player's character unless it has been approved by the person that you can kill them. This is mostly used to end battles.

10.) If you want to start any thread that that you may be unsure whether or not it is a battle thread, get the okay from a moderator in that area.

11.) Make sure bad feelings in battle don't carry over to the rest of the forum. We have the RPG sub-forum to have fun.

12.) Any breaking of these rules can lead to a warning, and possibly a ban, as everywhere else on the forums.

If you have any questions, post them here or PM me.

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