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Wakefield's father

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1Wakefield's father Empty Wakefield's father on Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:35 pm

Wakefield's father was a neurologist and his mother was a general practitioner.[19] After leaving the independent King Edward's School, Bath,[20] Wakefield studied medicine at St Mary's Hospital Medical School[19] (now Imperial College School of Medicine), fully qualifying in 1981. He became a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1985 and continued his studies under a Wellcome Trust travelling fellowship at the University of Toronto in Canada, where he worked as a transplant surgeon, specialising in small intestine transplantation.[21]

At the time of his MMR research study, Wakefield was senior lecturer and honorary consultant in experimental gastroenterology at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine (from 2008 UCL Medical School). He resigned in 2001.[22] In 1995, while conducting research into Crohn's disease, he was approached by Rosemary Kessick, the parent of an autistic child, who was seeking help with her son's bowel problems and autism.[23] Kessick ran a group, Allergy Induced Autism,[23] which focused on the effects of diet on autistic children's behavior.[not in citation given][24]

Wakefield served as the executive director of Thoughtful House Center for Children, a center for the study of autism in Austin, Texas. Wakefield resigned from Thoughtful House in February 2010, after the British General Medical Council found that he had been "dishonest and irresponsible" in conducting his earlier autism research in England.[25] He is no longer licensed in the UK as a physician,[12] and is not licensed in the US.[26]

As of January 2011, Wakefield lives in the US where he has a following including celebrities like Jenny McCarthy[27] of the autism advocacy group, Generation Rescue, who wrote the foreword for his book and believes her son's autism is due to vaccines.

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