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Attempt at a Dude

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1Attempt at a Dude Empty Attempt at a Dude on Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:20 am


Okay, I don't want to write up a background story right now, but I'll give what details I can think of for a character.

Name: Travis Rogan (Eh, subject to change. It sounds pretty stupid when I read it aloud.)

Age: Mid-twenties

Race: Hylian/human (Actually come to think of it, a half-breed could be interesting, so maybe I'll do that for another character.)

Gender: Male

Hair: Used to be like medium-bushy stuff, but shaved it off when the certain event occured in his life (will get to that later when I delve into this dudes story), so in other words, buzzed dark hair.

Eyes: Green.

Weight: 140 lbs roughly.

Height: 6 ft more or less

Weapon: Machete (For lack of thinking of a better one at the moment)

Skills: He's agile, he can ride horses, he's tough as nails

Appearance: I'll get back to this.

Personality: This guy is silent, and if so the time arises where he opens his trap, he is blunt and to-the-point. His intentions and history is unkown to all but himself.

If you haven't realized by now, I'm trying to make some kind of vigilante machine.

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