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Hyrule Land Wars

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1Hyrule Land Wars Empty Hyrule Land Wars on Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:36 pm



How to play:

Pick a vacant base and it's yours. The goal of the game is to conquer the land by crushing your enemies.

Troops and Recruiting

You will start with 1,500 Units that naturally occur in your area (i.e., Poes in the graveyard)
You will be allowed to recruit 100 per day per base with a maximum of 400 per day
You are allowed to have a maximum of 50,003
To make up a new unit, you must use a base unit. Example: Recruit Gorons->Project->Recruit Goron Archers. Since Goron Archers don't exist, you must train them first. Doing this doesn't convert x amount of Gorons into archers, rather, it "unlocks" them for recruitment.


Probably the most important part of the wars;
You are allowed to have 2 projects for each base, with a maximum of 5 overall.
1 base = 2 projects
2 bases = 3 projects
3 bases = 4 projects
4 bases = 5 projects

Projects must take a logical amount of time. I will let the players be the judge, but I or other game leaders will step in if we feel that a project time is unfair. Now, we don't use actual real-time, or else we'd be playing the game for a long time. Use this OFFICIAL guideline to help you:

Recruit a hero unit: 6 days
Train units to do/be something (i.e. archers): 4 days
Mass produce an item: 6 days
Take an empty base as your own: 10 days (must wait till game day 20 to do)
Build an average keep: 12 days

ONE GAME DAY EQUALS 12 HOURS. That means one full, real day is 2 game days.


Alliances are not recognized by the Landwars. Feel free to make and break as many as you wish. Of course, disloyal armies may find trouble finding allies.

- No changing war strategies. (unless a major event was unaccounted for, such as an obvious super weapon which you did not know about being used)
- No bosses from places outside of the realm in which the game takes place (no using Goht in OoT Hyrule and such)
- No technology that's out of reason. Think Zelda, not Star Wars. We have magic but don't overuse it.
- Maximum troops 50,003 (note the 3 counts for your hero/boss units)
- Sneak attacks must be very well planned out.
- If armies work together in attack or defense, they must be united under one strategy.
- It is understood that troops patrol territorial borders even if unstated in updates or logs
- No large scale elemental controls. (No making a volcano erupt, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.)
- No using out of game knowledge (army A does project A, Army B doesn't know about project A, yet makes a strategy as if they know about it)
- You MUST list all completed projects in your updates. (very important, otherwise it's hard to tell what you have and have not done)
- No instantaneous transport of troops from one base to another. If two or more bases are attacked, divide your army up.
- No teleportation
- Maximum 3 hero units per army
- No self made bases
- Trades are open to attack. Be sure to have a safe trade route if you don't want to be the victim of a raid. Escorts, mayhaps?
- You may work together on structures and split the days between participating armies. EVENLY.
- You may steal items. The most common way is a sneak attack, but you may also think of other ways.
- To reproduce a unique item (such as mirror shields, hook shots etc), you must have the original item or schematics from the holder of the original. You will have the schematics if you started with the item.
- When you first start with a base, you get all the items found in that area. For example, the Great Deku Tree would have Deku Nuts, sticks, and a slingshot.
- Spies are not allowed.
- A Limited number of prisoners are allowed if you have an area to jail them. Information and such gained from them will be determined by myself and the owner of the prisoners.
- Recruiting units does [i]NOT/[i] count as a project

As for equipment, we only care about special items. We know that Poes have lanterns and that Iron Knuckles have Axes. In your supply list, we only need to know the special things, such as Hylian Shields, Din's Fire, Lens of Truth, Steel armor, etc. The game also rules that all units have plenty of food, shelter, and water. The only time this rule is overturned is by special conditions, such as being a prisoner of war or under siege.


The reason we're here:

The idea of this game is conquest. The way you win is to get all the bases.

There are 3 ways to attack in this version:

Base Attacking: you attack a base in hopes of taking it, sabotage it, or just ransacking it for fun.

Sneak Attack: Use stealthy units to infiltrate an enemy base. Steal schematics, learn about the defenses, etc.

Neutral Field War: Contact another player and challenge him to a fight on Hyrule Field. You may do this for whatever reason.


When making your declaration of war, you must list these things:

Who you are attacking
Where the battle will take place
Which troops you will use
Which supplies they will be using
OFFENDER STRATEGY. (most important)

The format for an offender strategy goes like this:
*list troops*

*list supplies*

*write out what you want your troops to do* (including any phases there may be)

*things like retreat point, battle affecting side notes, and project effects go here*


First of all, and most important,
The Defender needs to make his strategy while pretending to not know anything about the offender strategy. You may however include responses to obvious maneuvers. Like: they split into two groups, so I will fan out.

Defender strategies are really the same as offender, only the defender can't retreat unless they have some sort of exit. (ie a secret tunnel to a friendly base)

The defender can also get their allies to help them in the defense. All allies must have one united strategy, not 2+ separate ones.


For the layout see attacker.


The war mod will evaluate the two strategies and make a INFORMED, IMPARTIAL AND LOGICAL DECISION on who will win. Then he/she will write a brief description of what happened in the war, and at the end, will post how many troops died for each side.

Note that war modding should include status effects, like if there was a project to build a base and it got burned down, it must be listed in the modding.

Heres the layout for a warmod:

The Battle:
*description of the battle, have some fun with it, make it fun to read*

*list what people have left, not what they lost, but what they have left*

*list reasons for things you think may cause arguments*

If you should quit or leave the Landwars , you may give your base to someone or let it become abandoned (untaken base). Your units disappear without exception.

Here is a list of the bases, and who currently owns them.

Snowhead Temple:
Goron Shrine:
Ikana Castle:
Stone Tower Temple:
Pirates' Fortress:

I will add more later if more people want to join, but we'll start with this for now.

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